Company has its setup, Machineries with latest technology under one roof. We have well qualified staff to achieve desired results, delivering premium quality. Required manufacturing is carried out with CNC machine to match international standards. Our infrastructure allows us full quality control of product at each and every step to ensure defect free product.


2 Casting Furnaces with capacity of 2.5MT per day.

Extrusion Press

To get premium quality, we have in-house Production of extrusion rods. All Materials manufactured at Shraddha Brass is made from extrusion rods.

Forging Press

Forging press for processing forged components.

CNC Machine

CNC machine to obtain highly precise degree for industrial products.

Testing Lab

We do have in house facility of Metal composition analysis to get requisite compositions.

Qualified Team

We follow the process oriented approach with highly qualified staff to get optimum results.

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